With our pooled expertise, around 160+ of full time electricians, engineers, technicians, account managers and administrative staff, we offer businesses a superior product quality and impressive customer interaction experience, while maintaining a single point of contact to manage entire customers’ requirements satisfied by our group’s individual companies.

We promote complete solutions to electrical and sheetmetal engineering requirements; from design, through to manufacture, transport, installation, testing, implementation, maintenance and repairs.

SRS has a commitment to quality and excellence, as quality is enforced through the continued investment in manufacturing technology, product development and engineering resources, with a slogan “Quality is the responsibility of all staff”. This is how we ensure that we understand customer requirements and meet and exceed them.

Currently, all of our electrical engineering companies are already accredited to the internationally recognized standard AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008, while we are in the process of completing the thorough and comprehensive check on the internal quality systems, procedures and testing practices for the newly introduced companies within the group, which are planned to be accredited in the near future.

As part of the group’s strategy, we are in the process of implementing Occupational Health and Safety System. Whether it is in the office or conducting site work in hazardous conditions – safety is of paramount importance to SRS. We are committed to ensuring the safety and health of our employees. We abide by all Statutory Acts and Regulations as a minimum standard and strive to maintain a level of safety, which exceeds the legal requirements. We uphold the highest levels of safety standards and our low incident reports back this up – Safety First.

In regards to Environment, we are committed to protecting the environment. In order to meet this commitment, the company prepared and enforced an Environmental Policy, and are considering the full implementation of an environmental management system, designed to ensure that the impact of all environmentally relevant activities are minimized in accordance with best practice.