As a leader and unique total electrical solution provider, SRS enjoy a rich product portfolio and extends comprehensive services around our products. We offer the following products and services:

Custom Manufactured Products

Includes SRS tailored sheetmetal enclosures, electrical distribution boards, medium voltage cubicles, and portable buildings products. In this range, SRS’ mission is to incept the local market requirements, engineer design products, and manufacture according to Australian’s highest manufacturing standards.

Manufactured Products According To Leading Products

Includes sheetmetal enclosures and electrical motor control centre (MCC) products based on leading products promoted by international vendors such as ABB 66kV and 11kV Medium voltage PowerCube, Siemens S8 SIVACON, SIMOTROL and SICUBE 19″ Rack system. In this range, SRS’s mission it to tailor the international product to suit the customer requirements, and then manufacture according to the product’s worldwide adopted standards.

Distributed Products

Includes various automation and control products that we supply and support within the local market.

SRS Power

  • SIMOTROL – (Siemens) Type Tested Motor Control Centre PTTA
  • Specialised Transportable Buildings
  • Transformer & Line Protection
  • Power stations, Industrial Applications, Crane Controls and Water Treatment Plants
  • PLC Controls, Conveyor Controls and Train Controls
  • Outdoor Cabinets Construction with Marine-Grade Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Fire & non-fire rated buildings with steel support structures

SRS Comcell

  • SIEMENS SIVACON S8 Motor Control Centres (MCC)
  • SIMOTROL (Demountable) Motor Control Centres (MCC) and Switchboards
  • EATON xEnergy Switchboards
  • PLCs, Marshalling Panels, and Metering Panels
  • Custom built Main Switchboards and Distribution boards
  • Comcell Type tested Switchboards
  • Design, assembly, fitting, wiring, and switchgear integration testing of Electrical Portable Switchrooms.

SRS Electric NSW

  • Single sided, back connected, and back to back options
  • Arc proofing in accordance with IEC standards
  • Generous busbar zones, insulated or uninsulated busbars
  • Transportable Switchroom fitout, interpanel wiring and testing.
  • Aluminium / Stainless Steel Substation Outdoor Kiosks and Marshalling Panels.
  • Earthquake tested and Temperature rise test
  • Fully Type tested to IEC and AS/NZS including arc fault containment