SRS Group

SRS Group offers total solutions in the areas of electrical, sheetmetal and portable building manufacturing, engineering and design, maintenance and repairs, as well as electrical parts distribution.

The group came into operations in 1998 and has experienced rapid growth due to our attention to detail, quality and delivery. The group became a leader in the Australian manufacturing industry, maintaining high standards of workmanship and exceeding customers’ expectations, ensuring true adaptation of our slogan “We lead and deliver”.

Today, the group governs the operations of Three (3) dedicated companies, all are 100% Australian owned, operated by local workforce and dedicated to the Australian market.


The group maintains four (4) lines of businesses all geared toward Energy, Mining and Automation industries. The industries are as follows:

Electrical Engineering and Manufacturing

Specialise in electrical switchboard manufacturing, offering engineering design, manufacturing, switchgear integration, maintenance and repairs. Our products vary from low and medium voltage cubicle manufacturing, substation control and protection panels, distribution boards, and other cubicles (such as Communications, PLCs & kiosks) providing a one-stop-shop for motor control centres (MCCs) requirements.

Serving this industry, SRS has a total of 3 manufacturing companies, with a total manufacturing space of 6,500 M2, spread across Victoria and New South Wales.

Sheetmetal Engineering and Manufacturing

Precision sheet metal manufacturers producing products made from mild steel, aluminium & stainless steel, offering a complete service including 3D design capabilities, punching, press brake, welding, fastener installation, powder coating & assembly. The products that we carry vary from custom (home-made Australian) design, up to local manufacturing of leading international sheet metal products such as ABB 66kV and 11kV Medium voltage PowerCube, Siemens S8 SIVACON, SIMOTROL and SICUBE 19″ Rack system.

Serving this industry, SRS has a total of 2 manufacturing companies, with a total manufacturing space of 4,000 M2, also spread across Victoria and New South Wales.

Portable Building Engineering and Manufacturing

Geared towards commercial and industrial portable buildings manufacturing, offering engineering design, manufacture, transport, installation, testing, maintenance and repairs. Our primary focus is electrical switch, control and battery rooms, besides amenities and other specialised portable buildings.

Serving this line of business, we have one (1) dedicated manufacturing company, with a manufacturing space of 3,500 M2 + 2000 M2 yard stand located in Victoria.

Electrical Distribution

As an addition to its retail portfolio, SRS has introduced a distribution entity focused on providing leading products, such as SIEMENS automation products, to the local market. With a work force consisting of technical sales reps, internal sales personnel and repair technicians, we continually support and supply our customers with cost effective solutions, pre-sales, sales and after sales services.

The distribution entity is based in Queensland, and has a potential warehouse capacity of 1000 m2.


Currently, SRS governs the following individual companies:

1 SRS Power Pty Ltd started in Year 1998, formerly as Sipos Electrical Services Pty Ltd
2 SRS Electric NSW Pty Ltd introduced in Year 2006 with the acquisition of Clive Wilson Switchgear Pty Ltd, which was in operation since Year 1981.
3 SRS Comcell Pty Ltd Year 2009 addition, with the acquisition of Comcell Switchboards , which was in operation since Year 1989

George & Tony Sipos are the directors for SRS Group Pty. Ltd. They bring their own vast and varied expertise to form the back bone of the group.

George Sipos started his career in the electrical industry with Siemens during the early 1970s, manufacturing PLCs, HV/LV Cubicles. He performed site works locally, interstate and overseas in China, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. He is the CEO for the whole group.

Tony Sipos completed his A-grade and contracting licences in 1992 and has spent his time since then in the industrial sector. He is responsible for group’s strategy, infrastructure and quality implementation, and the day to day running of SRS Power.

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